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Why is Alpha known as
in Medical/Engineering Entrance Coaching Field?

Alpha Entrance Academy, Alappuzha, one of the pioneers in the field of professional Entrance Coaching Since 2000 has created many Professionals including Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Agricultural Experts etc. According to the students and their parents, Alpha is the unique institution in Medical/Engineering entrance coaching field. Alpha Proudly accepts this gratuland garland.

Why Alpha is best for Medical/Engineering Entrance Coaching?

Alpha has become the synonymous for Medical/Engineering entrance coaching institute as the clearest possible index of the excellence of the services offered. The ample tesimony to this effect is provided by the consistently excellent results we get year after year and the ever - increasing rush for enrolment in our courses. Parents with ambitions for their children wait for the earliest opportunity to place them under Alpha’s care. Such is the solid reputation Alpha has built for years.

Effective Entrance Coaching System at Alpha

Our results speak louder than words. Effective Coaching system, committed and progressive administration, highly experienced and dedicated faculties and staffs, excellent course materials, prompt attention to all matters, all have combined together to make Alpha the indomitable as well as the unique institution in Medical/ Engineering entrance coaching field.

A Perfect Entrance Coaching Center in Kerala

An ideal, reliable and perfect coaching center should provide for students what they want, when and how also. Alpha assure this to you. So you can rush into Alpha without any hesitation.